August 29 - September 14
A Comedy by Joseph Kesselring
Directed by Janet Sharpley

Written in 1939, the play is a farcical black comedy revolving around the Brewster family, descended from the “Mayflower,” but now comprised of insane people and murderers including his two spinster aunts who have taken to murdering lonely old men; a brother who believes


he is Theodore Roosevelt; and a murderous brother who has received plastic surgery performed by an alcoholic accomplice, Dr. Einstein, to conceal his identity.


Abby Brewster...Anne Bryant
Rev. Harper...Darwin Barnes
Teddy Brewster...Steve Quimby
Officer Brophy...Brad Barnes
Officer Klein...Sean Hernandez
Martha Brewster...Candy Jones
Elaine Harper...Renea Runnels
Mortimer Brewster...Christian Bertoni
Mr. Gibbs...Joel Rodriguez
Jonathan Brewster...Tim Taylor
Dr. Einstein...Anthony Martino
Officer O'Hara... Janet Sharpley
Lieutenant Rooney...Candi Boehme
Mr. Witherspoon...Willy Delvin

Director..Janet Sharpley
Assistant Director...Sheila Cedro
Stage Manager...Joyce Barnett
Assistant Stage Manager..Vivian Perkins





August 31 - September 1

A Mystery by Agatha Christie
Directed by Mal Morley

Performance Dates October 17 - November 2

In this continuously, longest-running play in the world, a snowstorm traps a group of strangers with an unknown killer! To get to the rationale of the murderer’s pattern,


the policeman probes the background of everyone present, and rattles a lot of skeletons. Another famous Agatha Christie switch finish! Chalk up another superb intrigue for the foremost mystery writer of her time. Click here for more info













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